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Individual mold kits are exclusively available for Grillz Masters customers and are not sold separately.

Our Mold Kits provide all the necessary materials you need to create an impression of your teeth. Each kit includes two putties, trays, and order forms. Although the process is straightforward, we want to ensure your success, so we include extra putty just in case of errors.

*Please do NOT put putty in the freezer. Do NOT remove the putty from the tray after making your impressions.

Easy Process is as follows:

Please proceed with the first 2 steps quickly; the putty will dry once rapidly mixed! 

1 Remove one blue putty and one white putty. Start mixing right away until you have one uniform color, make sure there are no white streaks

2 Make a snake out of your putty and put it in the middle of the tray end to end; gently press down on the top of the putty to flatten it; if the putty hangs off the end of the tray, discard that excess 

3 Next, you want to bite into the putty, bite directly into the center of the putty, making sure not to scrape the sides of the tray

  • If doing top teeth, push up on the tray and then bite down ALL the way, put your lips over the tray
  • If doing lower teeth, press down on the tray and then bite down ALL the way, put your lips over the tray 

4 Wait 10 MINUTES, be still, do not talk 

5 When the time is up, pull it out gently and place it in the bag; do not remove the putty from the tray.

Your impression must have an excellent visible gum line where your teeth meet your gums

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